Probiotic Tonic-F Feather Intensifiers

Choose from The NEKTON range Special supplements to promote good health and plumage.

Nekton-Biotic-Bird provides digestive support during times of stress and illness and contains both Pre-Biotic and Probiotic elements to restore natural balance and return the bird to full health.

Nekton-Bio is specially formulated to promote new plumage growth for a trouble free moult.

Nekton R RBeta GelB are special feather colour enhancers for show quality birds. Full details of colour enhancements and applicable bird species type shown on each product page.

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Nekton-Biotic-Bird Probiotic 100g

Product image

Nekton-Biotic-Bird Probiotic 250g

Product image

Nekton-Bio for Moulting 75g

Product image

Nekton Bio for Moulting 150g

Product image

Nekton-Tonic-F 200g

Product image

Nekton-Tonic-F 500g

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