Nekton Bird foods Handrearing Pollen

Over the last 35 years Nekton have developed a range of Bird feeds for Hand rearing Bird chicks and Special Food for delicate species.- Choose from

Nekton Baby-Bird - A Hand rearing formula with progressive feeding instructions to ensure all bird chicks have a full balanced diet to thrive on. Includes Prebitoic and Probiotic to aid digestion with natural pant extracts inc. Rosehip and Pollens.

Desi-Plus - Cold water sterilizer for Bird food bowls and Drinkers

Nekton-Lori complete nectar diet for Lories and Hanging Parrots (used for our birds for 15 years)

Nektar-Plus complete diet for Humming Birds, Sun Birds Honey Creepers, Bananaquits and delicate Lorikeets and Butterflies.

Nekton-Feeding Tube in UV filer pexiglass Scroll through pages to choose larger sizes

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Nekton Pollen Power 130g

Product image

Nekton-Baby-Bird Hand rearing food 750g

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Nektar-Plus for Humming Birds Lorikeets 600g

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Nekton-Lori complete diet for Lories 750g

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Nekton-Lori for Lories & Hanging Parrots 3KG

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Nekton-Lori for Lories & Hanging Parrots 6KG

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