Lighting Dimmers

Birdroom Lighting Dimmers simulate natural conditions by brightening up over 30 seconds. This avoids startling the birds when waking. At lights off time, the lamps will dim over 30 minutes to allow your birds a last feed and time to roosting. Controlled lighting also allows you to extend the day light period to induce breeding and early moulting.

They are easy to install and are all fitted with a 2 meter mains cable and plug and a simple terminal block for your to connect your lighting circuits. Birdroom dimmers are manufactured in our own workshops so we can offer full-after sales service backed by a one-year guarantee.

Choose from Manulux & Bulblux for up to 400 watts or Bulbluxplus for up to 1000watts of Halogen or Standard filament bulbs and Flulux Automatic dimmer with Fluorescent or LED switching.Automatic Models have a Digital Clock fitted as standard. When ordering two further options are available Extended 30 minute Brightening and a selectable Night Light facility . Add these to your order by selecting from the drop down menu on each product page. All Control units operate on UK electrical rating 230v 50HZ

Product image

Bulblux Prime Auto Dimmer for Bulbs

Product image

Flulux PRIME Auto Dimmer w Fluorescent/LED Switching

Product image

Fluorescent Booster Unit

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Spare Fuses for Lighting Dimmers (5 Pack)

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