Full Spectrum Bird Tubes & HF Fittings

If you Birds do not have access to Natural Daylight you may want to use Birdroom Full Spectrum Tubes to create a more natural environment. Bird tubes can easily replace your existing fluorescent lighting, simply change the tubes, they fit any standard fluorescent fitting or if your prefer buy a new High frequency fitting complete with Full Spectrum tube.

These Bio-SunTri-phosphor tubes have an approximate 15% increase in light output and last longer than standard tubes. They are designed to replicate a daylight spectrum and are suitable for creating natural light environments for Birdrooms. They include levels of UV which encourages and assists breeding performance. All Lamps are 26mm T8 diameter, with a Colour temperature of 6500 kelvin, Colour rendering 97(Ra).

We now only offer Electronic High Frequency Fittings. Although the HF are more expensive than switch start fittings they use 20% less electricity – they start immediately, do not hum, have no flicker providing a better environment for your birds. Your lighting tubes will last longer so the investment will probably pay for itself within 1 year. All fittings are single batten and are supplied with one Birdroom UV tube. NB : Do not mix High Frequency Ballasts & Standard Switch Start Magnetic Ballasts on the same lighting circuit

We now also offer LED lighting in the form of 2 & 4 ft tubes in the form of a standard batten fitting with polycarbonate diffuser

Product image

2ft (18w) Birdroom Full Spectrum Tube

Product image

4ft (36w) Birdroom Full Spectrum tube

Product image

2 FT (18 watt) Fluorescent Fitting & Full Spectrum tube

Product image

4 FT(36 watt) Fluorescent Fitting & Full Spectrum Tube

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