Bulblux Digital Clock Auto Dimmer for Bulbs

Bulblux Digital Clock Auto  Dimmer for Bulbs

This Birdroom Automatic Dimmer has the convenience of a time switch so your lighting is controlled even if you are not in and also has a manual over ride facility

The digital clock can be programed for one or two light periods. Your setting will be repeated every day and remembered even if there is a mains fail.

The clock also shows the current time on the easy to read LCD display.

There are no mechanical parts to wear out and the unit is sealed to keep dust out.

Controls up to 400 watts of Standard filament or Halogen bulbs (not LEDs).

Housed in a sturdy metal enclosure 140w x 200h x 50mm deep.

There is a drop down menu for selection of additional features you may wish to order including Extended brightening period of 30 minutes and/or Night Light Facility which can be switched on or off and set to a level of your choice.

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