Manulux Manual Dimmer for Bulbs

Manulux Manual Dimmer for Bulbs

Wall mounted manual dimmer used like a normal light switch, will control 400 watts of Standard Filament or Halogen bulbs. When entering the birdroom push switch up to brighten the lights over 30 sec, at the end of the day before leaving your birds push switch down to start automatic fade out over 30 minutes.

Ideal for the smaller Birdroom where its conveinient to switch on and off manually.

Just plug lighting circuit into socket provided and go! (Please note this unit will not work with a plug in timer.)

Dimensions 120mm wide x 160mm long x 50mm deep

There is a drop down menu for you to add Extended 30 mins Brightening and/or Night Light facility, which can be switched on or off and set to the level you require.

Please note this unit is now supplied in Black Plastic case

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