Nekton-Biotic-Bird Probiotic 100g

Nekton-Biotic-Bird Probiotic 100g

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird is a probiotic supplement for all species of birds. It contains Probiotic bacteria support the enzymatic digestion of food in the crop and in the intestines of birds and also Prebiotic ingredients such as fructans and mannan-oligosaccharides which promote a natural and healthy composition of crop and intestinal flora.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird helps indigestion in sick birds and accelerates regeneration after antibiotic treatments. It can also be given to prepare for stressful situations (e.g. transport and fairs) to counteract an excessive burden on the bird and during Breeding or rearing NEKTON-Biotic-Bird can assist digestion of food and optimizes the absorption of nutrients.

NEKTON-Biotic-Bird is usually recommended as a 3-4 week course of treatment, but may also be administered daily as a dietary supplement.

The preparation can also be very good combined with other NEKTON products.

1g mixed daily with soft food measuring spoon and full instructions and constituent data sheet provided.

Size 100g For other size see pages 1,2

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