Nekton-R Red Canthaxanthin Feather Colour 150g

Nekton-R  Red Canthaxanthin Feather Colour 150g

NEKTON-R contains all essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, the colorant Canthaxanthin and trace elements in balanced proportions.

NEKTON-R prevents feather colours from fading and positively influences the natural shine and brightness of the whole plumage. Due to the vitamin complex contained within, the bird is supported through the entire moulting/rearing process and additionally supplied with all important nutrients. The Canthanxanthin colorant used (lipochrome) is identical to the natural substance and is thus physiologically safe.

Carotinodies are of vital importance for coloured feathers. The carotenoid in NEKTON-R gives an even colouring to the red parts of the plumage of all those species reacting to carotenoids, and other colours such as yellow, black, blue, etc., are deepened. Given daily while new feathers are growing NEKTON-R also brings out the colours in the same natural brilliance they have in the wild.

NEKTON-R is particularly suitable for the following birds: Red Canaries, Red Siskins, Cardinals, Goldfinches Ibises, Flamingos, Red Finches, Linnets, Red Crossbills, Red-Fronted Serins, Sun birds, Painted Buntings, i.e., all species with red lipochromes

NEKTON-R is administered in the drinking water or soft feed at the beginning of moulting/rearing until the end of moulting or as soon as the bird's colour is fully restored.

1g to 250ml water 100g of soft food

No other vitamin compound should be administered whilst using NEKTON-R

Size : 150g

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