Nektar-Plus for Humming Birds Lorikeets 600g

Nektar-Plus for Humming Birds Lorikeets 600g

Nektar-Plus is a complete specialist diet for Humming Birds, Sun Birds, Honey Creepers, Bananaquits delicate Lorikeets and Butterfiles.

Contains all essential substances, carbohydrates, protein (amino acids),fats, vitamins, mineral and trace elements in a balanced form. Water soluble powder. It is formulated to the needs of humming birds and sun birds so that it is not necessary to feed fruit flies in addition.

Main constituents : Sugar, Minerals, Plant By-products, Pollen, Oils and Fats. Crude Protein min. 2.9%, Crude Fat min. 0.3%, Crude Fiber max. 0.1%

13 g (18ml) NEKTAR-PLUS to 100 ml lukewarm water. A measuring beaker holding 30ml is enclosed with the jar with full instructions and constituent data sheet.

Size supplied 600g

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