The Variotime digital clock has an electronic memory so once programmed your light settings will be saved, even if the mains supply is removed. Do not use a sharp object to press the buttons.The unit must be connected to the mains to program.


Setting the Digital Clock

Step 1 Setting the time.

When first plugging into a power source – the display will show 8888 and then change to 0:00 the dots will flash on and off.

Push the slider of the programming selector to the clock symbol  and press the time change buttons + or – to change to the required time.

Press the buttons hard down and hold for a fast change or press intermittently to step a minute at a time. Remember this is a 24Hr clock.

When correct time is showing, return the programming selector to AUTO and the clock will start again, indicated by the two dots flashing.

On mains failure the clock will only retain the correct time for approximately 1 hour, after which it will need resetting once the mains supply is restored.

Step 2 Setting the on-off periods

You can now set the periods you require your lights to be on.

You have 8 periods you can use. We have set one lighting period (6.00 – 19.00 hours) whilst testing the unit, which you can alter to suit your requirements. The clock operates in a 24hr mode. Push the programming selector switch to P and a light bulb appears. This is the ‘on’ time for the first period, you will notice a 1 , between the time and the light bulb, which is always present and a 1 below it denoting that this will be the first lights on time.

Set the time you want the lights to come on by pressing the + or – buttons. Next press the programming viewing button again until 2 appears on the display,( light bulb goes out) now set the ‘off’ time. This is the time the lights will start to fade, finally extinguishing 30 minutes later.

The Clock has been set for one lighting period(06.00am-19.00pm)should you wish to have two periods, press the programming viewing button again to bring up 3 and the light bulb. This is your next ‘on’ period and 4 will be your next off period.

You can continue this eight times but most usage would be only one or two periods. Periods that are not being used should be set to 0.00. The On/Off times will be retained even if the Mains is removed. To alter them just follow reprogramming instructions.

Finally scroll through your settings to check they are correct and return the programme selector switch P to centre position AUTO. The correct time will reappear and you are ready for operation. .

Manual Operation

The slider at the top left hand side of the clock ( mode selector) enables you to slide the switch to I and the lights will be permanently on indicated by a light bulb in the display., or switch to O will permanently switch the unit off. The unit will always follow the brightening and dimming program and will not turn straight on or off.

For normal operation it should be in the AUTO centre position.

Over-ride button

The override switch is the right hand button marked X .

This is a temporary override, so if you want to change your settings from on to off or off to on you can press X . The setting will change and the override symbol show on the display. Press X. once again and the system will return to the original clock setting. If you forget the next programmed period will automatically cancel the override.

Factory Reset Button

The button marked R Reset will if pressed clear the screen and bring the clock to 0.00 and you will lose all your programmed settings.

Dimmer Operation

When light period is on the bulbs will brighten up over 30 secs.

On switch off they will fade down over 30 minutes.

The ON OFF periods will repeat every day.

Maintaining the clock setting

If the unit is not being used to the control the lighting in your Birdroom, eg during the light summer months; leave the unit connected to the mains supply and move the clock left hand slider switch to “0”.

If you disconnect the dimmer from the electrical source you will have to reprogram the current time when you reapply the power.

Models older than the Prime range have a battery in the clock that needs to be maintained by leaving the unit connected to a power source at all times.

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